FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS (APRIL 21, 2010):  The Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) showed its muscle by participating in the Annual MOKENA CLEAN UP DAYto beautify our community which was held on Saturday, April 17th.  The event was run by Mokena Mayor Joe Werner who is a Frankfort Township Republican Committeeman. 

 Participants met at 9:00 a.m. at the Mokena Village Hall and were offered free hot dogs, chips and soda pop after work was completed at noon.

 The FTRO members participating in the event planted wild seeds on two lots off of Wolf Road in Mokena and planted three trees.  Their names include:  Ed Ronkowski (FTRO Chairman and Committeeman), Margo McDermed (Frankfort Township Clerk and FTRO Committeeman), Bob Mathews (FTRO Treasurer and Committeeman), Peggy Mathews (Republican Election Judge), Greg Griffin (Frankfort Township Trustee  and FTRO Committeeman), Scott Ward (FTRO Committeeman), Joe Kral (Frankfort Township Assessor) and Brad Brink (FTRO Friend promoting Adam Kinzinger for Congress in Adam’s upcoming campaign).

 The FTRO strives to beautify the neighborhood through its Adopt-A-Highway program, held in partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), by encouraging citizen volunteers to pick up trash to keep our roadsides clean and to educate people to stop littering. 

 If you need further information about the FTRO, please contact Ed Ronkowski, Chairman FTRO, at 708-479-2302; Nella Piccolin, Vice Chairman FTRO at 815-469-4996; or visit the FTRO Website: