The Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) encourages all citizens to vote in the Illinois General Election on Tuesday, November 6th and to elect fiscally-conservative candidates in Illinois and Washington, D.C. who favor smaller government.

We have suffered, and are continuing to suffer, a severe recession in which we have witnessed the U.S. government spending trillions of dollars to bail out (and own) corporations, as well as spending excessively on programs such as the stimulus packages, while escalating the costs and taxes for middle-class Americans working in the private sector and saddling us, our children and their children with an unsustainable national debt for the future. In addition, the current administration and representatives steam-rolled through congress a mammoth monstrosity of a health care bill, exempting them from participation, which most members of congress hadn’t even read, despite the protests of a majority of citizens who didn’t want it. As a result of the passage of this bill, it has forced health insurance rates to be increased, reduced coverage options, is laden with hidden taxes, and is detrimental to the American public in providing a valuable health care program.

This administration has crippled the production of national growth through added revenue due to excessive taxation and the loss of jobs. Unemployment is up and business hiring is down because businesses are afraid to spend their capital on investment or employment due to their uncertainty of future governmental dictates and taxation.

We in the Frankfort Township Republican Organization (FTRO) believe that smaller government and less taxation promote economic growth and prosperity to our nation. In addition, we believe in the growth of businesses, both large and small, because business is the engine which spurs growth. Business creates jobs which fuels growth by providing lower unemployment, more spending money for the American citizen and it results in greater tax revenues being collected by the government to spend toward reducing the national deficit.

As conservatives, we believe in fostering capitalism, the right of the individual, freedom to express our voices, and fostering a climate where private and corporate businesses can prosper and grow. In addition, we promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans.

We urge all citizens to: vote; volunteer for at least one candidate who they endorse by walking, distributing literature and/or donating money to their candidate’s campaign coffers.  In addition, we urge you to talk to friends and family members who support our conservative beliefs of less taxation, less governmental spending, and better representation to preserve our individual liberty.

If you are interested and want to join us because you share our principles and want to learn further about how to help fiscally-conservative candidates in our upcoming election, please call us at 708-479-4417.